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History of Chios Wines

According to the ancient Chian historian Theopompos, Oenopion, son of the god Dionysus, taught Chians to plant, cultivate and produce the «black wine», which at the time was one of the most remarkable and famous products produced in Chios Island in antiquity.

The ancient geographer Strabon was the first to precisely define the region of Ariousia Land, between the area of Pelinnaion Mountain and Cape Melena Akra. His description places the ancient wine making region in the northwest area of Chios where the Amani Mountains dominate.

In modern times the nearby vineyards produce excellent quality wines in the area of Kourounia.
The ancient poets called the wine
Nectar of the Gods. It was also known as Homer’s wine by later generations and was a favourite of the Romans. The wine’s excellent reputation continued during the Byzantine period.

It is reported the wines were also used extensively as medicine and were an effective treatment for stomach ailments.

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